Check out time is 11AM. Check in after 1PM.

The clubhouse will be closed between the hours of midnight and 6am.  Door code for the Clubhouse is provided upon check-in.  

The facilities within the clubhouse are for the usage by all park guests.  Please be respectful of other campers and help by cleaning after yourself.  

The restrooms and Clubhouse will be inspected and serviced twice daily.

We encourage customers to go online at camplife.com and enter personal profile data in advance.  This will speed up reservation processing in the future.   

Wi-Fi. We do not guarantee connection or speed. We do not provide security.

Chapman Creek RV Park utilizes security cameras within the clubhouse and park.  Any situation that requires involving the authorities will result in immediate eviction from the premises with no refund.


Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to deny occupancy at any time for any reason deemed appropriate, to include vehicles not meeting park standards.

Reservations cancelled 10 days or more prior to arrival date results in a refund.  MINUS the transaction fee.  

Reservations cancelled 9 days or less prior to arrival date results in a refund minus one night fee and the transaction fee.

Parking is in designated areas only.  NO parking on the grass.

Quiet hours are 10pm-7am.

Posted speed limit within the park is 5 mph.

RV traffic flow is ONE-WAY until parked in the site.  All regular traffic may go both directions.

Any guest(s) that trespasses onto adjacent property will be asked to leave the RV Park immediately and will be prosecuted to the full extent.


All pets must be on a leash and under control at all times.  

All pets must have updated shot records.

Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets at all times, regardless of location.

Clotheslines are not allowed outside of the RV.

No smoking inside the Clubhouse or other camp facilities.  Please do not dispose smoking materials on the ground.  Dispose of smoking materials properly and safely.

Do not climb on trees or attach anything to them(dogs, ropes, tents, towels, etc..)

Garbage must be bagged and placed inside the trash dumpster located south of the Clubhouse.

No items(chairs, toys, etc..) are to be left on grass areas after midnight due to irrigation system.

Areas in and around your RV and tent site must look neat and presentable.  Storage of personal property outside the RV that is unsightly or a nuisance must be removed upon notice by Management.